Our impact

Axel Johnson operates based on a clear idea of creating value – to combine business and societal benefit. Our companies are meant to be leaders in sustainability within their respective industries, and we actively seek areas where we can drive positive change on both industry and societal levels.

Caroline Berg, Board Chair Axel Johnson

With a focus on the upcoming 150 years

Axel Johnson's ambitions are closely linked to our owners' view on corporate social responsibility, as well as the conviction that it is in a long-term company's self-interest to contribute to a positive societal impact.

This year, Axel Johnson turns 150, and we are stronger in many ways than ever before. Through impatient renewal, we are moving towards our 10/50 renewal goal, and we continue to build long-term strong companies.

As a family business, we contemplate deeply on the long-term perspectives – the recurring paths and values – that should permeate our operations, and we see three recurring pillars:

Long-term perspective – The desire to build and develop long-term strong companies. Every decision we make has a horizon that extends beyond generations, far beyond annual reports. It entails responsibilities but also grants us the freedom to think big.

Renewal – The conviction that long-term strong companies need to be characterized by an impatient willingness for renewal and development, that we have the ability to constantly build new businesses, and that this capability resides in employees across all parts of our companies.

Power of change – The belief that our companies should be a positive force for change in the communities where they operate. Through our operations, we want to contribute to addressing the greatest societal challenges of our time.

Axel Johnson's long history provides us with lessons, stories, and meaning. However, history does not provide us with ready-made answers about the future.

With long-term perspective and continuous renewal, we have the best conditions to continue building and developing successful businesses that promote the growth of individuals and communities.

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