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Axel Johnson is a leading Swedish family-owned business, undergoing rapid transformation. We build and develop strong and long-term businesses that address societal challenges in areas such as food, energy, health, and industry. Through our companies, we meet over one and a half million customers every day, and together, we aim to be a positive force for change. Axville is a city that illustrates a significant portion of the 300 companies that are part of Axel Johnson.

Axville is a city that illustrates a significant portion of the companies within Axel Johnson



years of history


billion SEK in revenue (2023)


companies (approx.)

Axel Johnson is a family-owned company with a rich history of 150 years. It is currently led by the fifth generation, with Caroline Berg serving as the Board Chair. We own companies across various sectors ranging from food, energy, IT, and industry, to health and digital locking systems. The common denominator for us is the development of leading companies in meaningful industries.

Through our companies, we meet more than 1.5 million people every day, providing us with a great opportunity to make a positive impact in the communities we are a part of.

Axel Johnson and the owning family have a strong interest and commitment to the companies. At the same time, we operate based on a decentralized model where each company has independent governance. We believe in freedom with responsibility, and for us, owner engagement means daring to be long-term in our perspective while maintaining a sense of impatience to drive progress.

We aim to drive impatient renewal and are capable of making quick decisions. However, we also make decisions that we see as right from a long-term perspective. Our company is owned by individuals who have a purpose, who strive to create positive societal change, and this is evident in the decisions we make and how we work.

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