We actively seek areas where growth and societal benefit intersect, and where we can contribute to meaningful change. Axel Johnson has operated based on a clear idea of combining business and societal benefit long before sustainability became a prominent theme in the business world. Therefore, it is natural for us that our companies should be leaders in sustainability within their respective industries.

Our focus areas

Our three prioritized areas are Circularity, Environment & Climate, and Social Sustainability. The focus of sustainability efforts varies across our companies, depending on their industry and market position. As owners, we have a set of expectations that apply to all of Axel Johnson's group companies. You can read more about our expectations further below.

From a broader perspective, we want Axel Johnson and our companies to be on the right side of major societal challenges – both global issues like combating climate change and more locally-driven issues like exclusion and segregation. Given Axel Johnson's significant presence in the food sector, we particularly aim to contribute to a positive development within the food system. However, we also seek out new sectors and areas such as solar energy, where Axel Johnson can contribute to meaningful change.

The companys purpose is and remains greater than just making money.

Antonia Ax:son Johnson

Owner fourth generation, Axel Johnson

Expectations on our companies

  • Paris agreement: Our businesses must operate within planetary limitations and in line with the global climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

  • Industry leaders: Our companies must be leaders in sustainability in their industries, assuming responsibility for the supplier chain as well as our operations and customer relations

  • Step ahead of outside demands: Our companies must be well prepared for new legislation and stay ahead of new demands from customers and the surrounding community.

  • Customer offer: Our companies must, together with customers, develop sustainable and circular customer offers.

  • Energy transition: Based on the respective business conditions, our companies must actively drive the energy transition away from fossil sources.

  • Diversity & inclusion: Our companies must be market leaders in diversity and inclusion, and they must measure and follow up on their efforts annually.

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