Axel Johnson aims to be a market leader in diversity and inclusion. With that ambition, we launched Axelerate in 2020, which is a central business area tasked with accelerating diversity and inclusion efforts across our group of companies, as well as strengthening the group's community engagement.

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About Axelerate

Axelerate was launched in 2020 and is currently led by Managing Director Nasim Khosravi. Through Axelerate, we provide support to our companies through group-wide activities, training programs, and knowledge-enhancing initiatives. Axelerate also works on the development of knowledge-based tools for inclusive recruitment and promotion, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals.

A fundamental requirement for achieving our diversity and inclusion goals is a competency-based and inclusive recruitment process. In 2022, we developed a best practice guide for inclusive recruitment that summarizes our most important recommendations for Axel Johnson to achieve broad diversity and inclusion in all recruitment and promotion processes.

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Four set goal

Since 2014, Axel Johnson has had goals for gender balance among leaders and regarding the percentage of employees and leaders with an international background. In 2021, two new objectives were added: a goal for age diversity and a goal for achieving the highest level of inclusion in the industry. The goal for age diversity aims for Axel Johnson to have a minimum of 10 percent of employees and leaders in each of the five defined age groups. The goal for the highest level of inclusion focuses on creating workplaces where employees feel a sense of belonging and are valued for their unique qualities.

Given the different orientations of our businesses, the challenges and the possibility of achieving these goals vary among the companies. The most important function of these goals is not that they represent absolute truths, but that they provide direction for our companies and create a common framework for diversity and inclusion efforts.


Axelerate also includes the integration initiative called Yrkesdörren, which aims to bridge the gap for foreign-born individuals entering the Swedish job market through meetings. These meetings facilitate mutual knowledge and experience exchange, expanding networks. For those who are not yet established, a meeting also provides an opportunity to learn more about social codes, explore their possibilities, and increase their self-confidence in the job market. Our vision is a job market where individuals with different backgrounds and experiences find their rightful place, and Yrkesdörren is a tangible tool that contributes to a more inclusive society.

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