Collaborations & partnerships

Axel Johnson collaborates with several organizations and companies. All of these collaborations stem from our vision to be a positive force for change in the communities we are a part of.


Antonia Ax:son Johnson founded the Axfoundation in 1993 as an in¬dependent, non-profit organization aimed at working concretely and practically with local and global sustainability issues. Today, the Axfoundation runs over 30 projects with around 300 partners. This includes close collaborations with companies, researchers, gov¬ernment authorities and communi¬ties and spans three areas: Future food, Circularity and Sustainable Production and Consumption. The Axfoundation is completely independent of Axel Johnson, but collaborates with us and our com¬panies in a number of individual projects.

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The Skill Shift Initiative (“Beredskapslyftet”) was launched in the spring of 2020. It is a nonprofit organization serving as a platform to mobilize resources from the business sector to support society during crises and major events. Founded by FAM, Novare, and SAAB, its recent focus has been facilitating the entry of Ukrainians into the Swedish labor market and society at large. Additionally, it collaborates closely with schools, police, and communities to prevent crime among young people in socio-economically challenged areas.

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Digital Idag

Axel Johnson participated, in part through the Future Work Forum, in 2019 to the launch of a national day that aims to spread knowledge and discuss the opportunities, challenges and consequences of digitalization. In 2022, the fourth national digital day was held where 250 stakeholders par¬ticipated, with 1,000 activities in 215 locations around Sweden.

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F1RST is an organization that lowers barriers to higher education and provides underrepresented talents with the conditions to create a better future for themselves, society, and the business sector. F1RST was founded by the Daniel Sachs Foundation and the Stockholm School of Economics and constitutes a unique collaboration between Swedish schools, universities, the business community, and civil society. F1RST Leap is a pilot project between Axelerate and F1RST, with a developed program targeting youth from non-academic backgrounds. The project aims to bridge the gap between young talents and the business world through summer jobs, company visits, lectures, and workshops.

Mitt Liv

Axel Johnson is a co-owner of Mitt Liv, a social enterprise specializing in diversity and inclusion. The company has worked with diversity and inclusion since 2008 and today offers a mentor¬ing program for foreign-born graduates. In addition to the mentoring program, Mitt Liv also works with employers to provide them with knowledge, strategies and concrete tools to successfully succeed in these efforts.

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Stockholm School of Economics

Axel Johnson has partnered with the Stockholm School of Economics and its Center for Retailing (CFR) since 2010. At CFR, education and research are conducted in close col¬laboration with the Swedish retail industry. The center is responsible, among other things, for the school’s three-year bachelor’s program in retail management, in which Axel Johnson participates.

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We have a multi-year collaboration with Samhall, with currently a number of Samhall employees working in our Axel Johnson companies. Samhall is owned by the state and its main mission is to create jobs for people with disabilities, giving them a place on the labor market.

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The Future Work Forum

The Future Work Forum (FfO) was formed in 2018 with the aim of helping strengthen Sweden’s ability to meet the changes that are taking place in digitalization, automation and new business models. Axel Johnson is one of the companies that via FfO contributes to dialogue and concrete proposals for a successful structural transformation.

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The Global Village

In 2018, Axel Johnson became the main partner of Järvaveckan and The Global Village Foundation, a partnership that has been extended until 2023. Ahmed Abdirahman started the foundation in 2016 with the vision of reducing the distance between politics and citizens, as well as counteracting alienation in vulnerable areas. Today, Järvaveckan and The Global Village have become a central point in Swedish public discourse around issues linked to integration and development in marginalized areas.

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The Reckoning Project

The Reckoning Project is a new and groundbreaking collaboration aimed at combining war journalism with efforts to hold perpetrators accountable for war crimes. Among the initiators and board members are several of the most prominent international law experts, academics, and journalists, primarily from the United States and the United Kingdom. The work is carried out in collaboration with Ukrainian journalists, who receive support to gather, document, and systematize information that can be used for legal purposes.

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Axel Johnson has supported the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for many years. In 2021, we chose to further emphasize our commitment by joining the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the world's largest sustainability initiative that sets globally recognized guiding principles for corporate social responsibility. While we have been working based on these principles previously, we saw an opportunity to more explicitly showcase our stance, contribute to a global standard, and join forces with other actors who are continuously working towards achieving the global goals.

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