Axelerate new partner to Beredskapslyftet and F1RST


Axel Johnson's central business area for diversity and inclusion, Axelerate, begins the year by entering two new partnerships. One with the non-profit organization Beredskapslyftet and one with F1RST. Both of these partnerships are aimed at harnessing the power of business through various initiatives to promote inclusion and utilize human ambition and capability.

Beredskapslyftet was founded in the spring of 2020 and is a non-profit organization that serves as a platform to mobilize resources from the business sector to support society during crises and major events. The association was founded by FAM, Novare, and SAAB, and now Axel Johnson joins as the fourth key partner. The focus over the past year has been to facilitate the entry of Ukrainians into the Swedish labor market and society at large. In addition, there has been close cooperation with schools, the police, and the community to prevent crime among younger people in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. Axel Johnson's CEO, Thomas Ekman, will join as board member, and Nasim Khosravi, the operational manager of Axelerate, will serve as a deputy member. Through this partnership, Axel Johnson aims to contribute knowledge, experience, and networks in various areas.

The second partnership is with F1RST. F1RST is an initiative by the Daniel Sachs Foundation and the Stockholm School of Economics with the goal of helping young talents take control of their future. As part of the partnership, a pilot project called "F1RST Leap" is launched. The purpose of the pilot project is to inspire young people from underrepresented groups through summer jobs, company visits, lectures, and workshops, thereby bridging the gap between young talents and the business world.

Both of these partnerships are in line with Axel Johnson's desire to be a positive force for change in society. The partnerships with Beredskapslyftet and F1RST are two important initiatives in the pursuit of a cohesive society.

Nasim Khosravi, Operational Manager at Axelerate:

"At Axel Johnson, we are constantly looking for partners that can help us contribute to positive change. These two initiatives are entirely in line with our strategy on how we want, and can, contribute to creating a more inclusive society. I look forward to collaborating with both parties to advance these important issues in the best possible way."

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About Axelerate:

Axelerate is a central division within Axel Johnson with a mission to accelerate diversity and inclusion efforts in our group companies and strengthen the group's commitment to society. The division was started in 2020, and the ambition is for Axel Johnson to be a market leader in diversity and inclusion. In 2023, Axelerate has initiated several programs that specifically address the challenges of inclusion in Swedish society. Read more about Axelerate here.