FoodBridge Becomes Part of Novax's Future Food Focus Sector


In 2022, Axel Johnson launched the FoodBridge initiative to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable food system. FoodBridge invests in early-stage foodtech companies with the potential to create positive change and has served as a platform for collaboration and innovation between food companies both within and outside Axel Johnson.

With its unique position, FoodBridge has quickly established itself in European FoodTech. Since its inception, it has invested in companies such as Petgood, Improvin', and The Mediterranean Food Lab and is soon to make its fifth investment.

Novax's mission is to build future pillars for Axel Johnson by investing in and developing European small and medium-sized enterprises with strong growth prospects. Since 2020, Future Food has been one of three sectors within Novax with an investment focus on sustainable transition, particularly emphasizing the ingredient industry.

By integrating FoodBridge into Novax, Axel Johnson consolidates its investment activity within the food sector and strengthens its position as a leading player in the sustainable transformation of the food industry. Axel Johnson's operations in the food sector range from FoodBridge's early investments, through Novax's ingredient group Ingå, to Axfood and Martin & Servera, which are leaders in groceries and food services.

Fanny Nachemson, Head of FoodBridge:

"As we invest in more companies, we see great advantages in becoming part of the Novax team. We will be able to greatly benefit from the extensive expertise in investments and Future Food."

FoodBridge and Novax are driven by the same issues within Future Food and both have close cooperation with Axel Johnson's food companies. FoodBridge's investment philosophy differs somewhat from Novax, which usually invests at a later stage. With FoodBridge as part of the Future Food sector, Novax strengthens its position as a hub for Axel Johnson's investments in growth companies within Future Food.

Pär Warnström, Sector Manager for Future Food at Novax:

"The food sector has undergone significant changes over the past ten years, but there is still a long journey ahead. By expanding Novax's mandate, we can take an even stronger approach to issues important to the food system and, consequently, to Axel Johnson."