Retail is currently undergoing a paradigm shift. Digitization and new customer behaviors are changing how, where, when and from whom we make purchases. New players are entering the market and established players must change. At the same time, the transition is only in its infancy. Retail will change more in the coming decade than it has over the past century.

Trade, as we know it, has up until recently changed relatively little. The small shifts that have taken place can be seen in how we receive and pay for the goods: first over the counter, then picking up the goods ourselves and paying at checkout, and today increasingly picking up and paying the goods ourselves. But with e-commerce, trade is changing. The challenge is that it’s impossible to say exactly how it will change, the only thing we know for sure is that the rate is very high.

Three forces are driving change within retail today:
1. We are heading for full quality and price pairing
2. Price pressure
3. Customers are not as loyal as before to traders selling a variety of brands

Click on the image below to see Mia Brunell Livfors, CEO of Axel Johnson, discuss the transformation of retail (film, in Swedish, 55 min):