Education and research at SSE’s Center for Retailing (CFR) are conducted in close collaboration with the Swedish retail trade. Among other things, the center is responsible for the school’s three-year bachelor’s program in Retail Management, in which Axel Johnson participates.

“Our collaboration with Axel Johnson is of great importance for the School of Economics’ strategic focus on the retail sector”, says Sara Rosengren, Professor of Business Administration and Head of SSE’s CFR as well as for the Retail Management program. Axel Johnson’s broad portfolio of retail companies offers fantastic opportunities for understanding the challenges confronting the industry. This is something both students and researchers gain from.

“The Applied Retail Track is a course where theory and practice are combined and a unique interaction between students, faculty, and companies is established. in what we call our retail clubs, course content is created jointly by the companies and the school’s faculty so that the courses are based on issues currently confronting these companies,” says Fredrik Lange, director for the Retail Management program at SSE. “The Axel Johnson retail club gives the students insight into the problems encountered by businesses ranging from department stores to grocery chains and specialty stores.”

As of fall 2018, the students at the Retail Management Program will also participate in th Antonia Ax:son Johnson Tutorial Program, which focuses on offering a more personalized learning experience for students. Read more about the program here below.

Antonia Ax:son Johnson Tutorial Program

Thanks to close collaboration and a SEK 50 million donation from the Axel Johnson Group, the Stockholm School of Economics will launch the Ax:son Johnson Tutorial Program in 2018. This new program will focus on education and personal development of our students. The focus on pedagogical development and student learning rather than research is unique for a donation of this size.

The Antonia Ax:son Johnson Tutorial Program seeks to convey general knowledge and develop intellectual capacity, complementing the academic and practical content of the Applied Retail Track. Students will be invited to discuss their experiences and reflect on their own development with a tutor. Tutors will be faculty members with whom students interact on courses and the Applied Retail Track.

Inspired by programs at institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge and American liberal arts colleges, bachelor students in SSE’s Retail Management Program will be given the opportunity to deepen their learning via tutorial meetings with SSE faculty. By adding continuous individual and small-group meetings between faculty members and students the program sets out to provide room for reflection and a broader understanding of the complexities of modern business life and society today.

“Swedish and international retail companies are a strong force for development in Sweden and around the world. Within retail, we need employees with in-depth academic knowledge, an open understanding of the external community and broad perspectives. For this reason, we seek to expand our partnership with the Center for Retailing with an educational initiative in interactive learning and deeper dialogue between teachers and students. I am pleased to contribute to an important step in the School’s development of future retail employees” says Antonia Ax:son Johnson.