Novax invests in the Swedish material technology company Disruptive Materials, which has developed the remarkable and unique material Upsalite®.

Disruptive Materials was founded in 2013 by Professor Maria Strømme, two people from her research team, and Mattias Karls. The company was formed as a spin-off from Uppsala University after the research team had discovered a completely new material with unique characteristics, which today has great use in the pharmaceutical, sports and beauty industries.

The material, Upsalite®, is an extremely porous magnesium carbonate material with the highest surface area reported for an alkali earth metal carbonate. In the field of pharmacology, the material is primarily used to stabilize poorly soluble drugs. Upsalite® has also been recognized by the sports industry, where the product is currently used in climbing powder which, thanks to the unique characteristics of the material, can absorb ten times more moisture than corresponding products on the market. There is also a great interest in the beauty industry, where Upsalite® has many and broad applications.

“With a strong team and a unique product and innovation, we see great potential for growth in many areas for Disruptive Materials. We look forward to following the team in their continued expansion”, says Joakim Skarborg, CEO, Novax.

“As the inventor of Upsalite® and one of the founders of Disruptive Materials, I see the collaboration with Novax as a significant factor in the company’s future direction. Novax’s deep understanding of the consumer and related trends will be a major asset in future research and development of products and solutions that Disruptive Materials does in collaboration with selected premium brands around the world”, says Maria Strømme.

“I am incredibly pleased that Novax has chosen to invest in Disruptive Materials. Novax is a reputable, long-term owner with deep expertise in trade and international expansion, and I am convinced that their knowledge and network will be a great asset for Disruptive Materials now that we have global customers and are expanding rapidly internationally”, says CEO Mattias Karls.

Disruptive Materials has 27 employees and is headquartered in Uppsala. Largest owners are the founders and mainly private investors.

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