A total of 781 ideas were submitted in this year’s edition of Axel Johnson’s 48-hour innovation competition Axlab. Out of these, eight finalists were chosen to present their ideas to the jury, who selected “IOM QR Code” by Valentina Cristea from Axflow in Italy, as this year’s winner.

Axlab is an innovation competition for all 25,000 employees within the Axel Johnson Group. Axlab was first introduced in 2015 with the aim of increasing the pace and strength of business development with the help of our dedicated employees. Axlab’s initiator is Axel Johnson, supported by the CEO of each group company.

This year’s edition resulted in 781 ideas, of which a group of experts from the group companies, together with the Group management, selected eight finalists whose ideas were considered to have the greatest potential to lead to future customer value. The winning idea, IOM QR Code, was presented by Valentina Cristea, who is currently responsible for Spare Parts After Sales and Marketing at Axflow in Italy.

The purpose of the idea is to facilitate the field service and prevent any wrong spare parts orders and hence ensure ”fluidity.nonstop”. First runner up was Grow360, a sustainable idea by Axfood, and Skintruck and Pop up Store by Skincity and KICKS came in shared third place.

This year’s finalists were:
• Cheffle staffing service by Charlotte Dahlberg, Ewa Straméus, Josefin Bäckmark and Maria Tolppi from Martin & Servera
• Pop Up Store by Camilla Fariss and Gabriella Eng from Axbeautyhouse and KICKS
• Grow360 by Martina Andresen, Ella Norén, Gabriella Nobel, Valentin Romanov and Åsa Domeij from Axfood
• IOM QR Code by Valentina Cristea from Axflow, Italy
• Skintruck by Emelie Kraft and Elin Björk from Skincity
• Always the right balance in store by Anna Galic from Åhléns
• STC Stars by Linda Bohrarper from STC
• Dustin Circular Week by Jonas Kjellkvist and Christian Persson from Dustin

“Among 781 ideas the jury appointed the winning idea: Valentina Cristea’s QR code for Axflow! The idea consists of inserting a QR-code on Axflow’s industrial pumping equipment to enable service technicians to immediately, with the help of smartphones and digital 3D drawings, identify which parts need to be repaired or replaced. This idea has the potential to create time and efficiency gains, and in addition contribute to extended product life and thereby more sustainable business. Valentina Cristea wins an Axlab where the competition has been tougher than ever before, and where many of the 781 ideas deserve to be realized. Right now, we are in an extreme situation caused by the Corona crisis, where innovation and new ways of thinking becomes even more crucial. A warm and heartfelt thank you to all the finalists for your creativity, dedication and work!” said Mia Brunell Livfors, President and CEO, Axel Johnson.

The Axlab Dragon’s Den as well as jury, consisted of:

Mia Brunell Livfors, President and CEO, Axel Johnson
Camilla Wideroth, CFO, Axel Johnson
Jacob Wall, Executive VP Business Development, Axel Johnson
David Salsbäck, Executive VP Communications and Sustainability, Axel Johnson
Stina Andersson, COO, Axel Johnson
Emma Claesson, Executive VP HR, Axel Johnson
Martin Malmvik, President and CEO, Axel Johnson International
Klas Balkow, President and CEO, Axfood
Thomas Ekman, President and CEO, Dustin
Liv Forhaug, President and CEO, Martin & Servera
Joakim Skarborg, CEO, Novax
Gustaf Öhrn, CEO, Åhléns

Due to prevailing circumstances linked to the corona virus (covid-19), this year’s final was carried out digitally, you can watch a video from the Dragon’s Den here below:

Read more about Axlab here.