Freddy Sobin new CEO of KICKS

Freddy Sobin, today CEO of Consortio Fashion Group, has been appointed new CEO of KICKS. He will take office by September 2018.

Freddy Sobin has been CEO of Consortio Fashion Group AB since 2011, including Bubbleroom and Cellbes. Freddy has extensive experience in e-commerce and helped build In 2008, he was recruited to Haléns as e-commerce manager, where he also became CEO. Freddy has been active in boards for leading e-commerce companies such as LensOn and Outnorth, and today he is Chairman of the Swedish Digital Trade, the e-commerce trade organization. He holds a degree from the Stockholm School of Economics.

“KICKS is now embarking on a new market landscape with increased competition, increased price pressure and omnichannel. Many investments and efforts have been made, but KICKS needs to further develop its business, with a strong omnichannel offering in focus. Freddy will be able to lead KICKS with his experience in commerce and, above all, e-commerce. We are very pleased to have recruited Freddy,” says Mia Brunell Livfors, Chairman of KICKS and CEO of Axel Johnson.

“I look forward to leading KICKS through the structural paradigm shift that the market is now undergoing. It is a company with many strengths, which I am convinced that there is significant potential in further developing and strengthening. It will be exciting to do so together with all the employees of KICKS, and I am eager to get to know the organization as well as the company. The focus now, however, is to lead CFG until after the summer, says Freddy Sobin.

Freddy Sobin will take office by September 2018. Pontuz Bjelfman remains CEO until then.