Axel Johnson Extends its Partnership with Järvaveckan until 2026: “More Important than Ever”


Axel Johnson extends its partnership with The Global Village/Järvaveckan until 2026. This year's Järvaveckan takes place from May 29 to June 1, and Axel Johnson is participating alongside companies from the group and partners from civil society.

Järvaveckan has evolved into Sweden's most important meeting place for discussions on inclusion and democracy. As a proud main partner of Järvaveckan, Axel Johnson is present under the slogan "more can do more." Citizens, business leaders, civil society, and the public sector will gather to discuss solutions on how to reduce exclusion in Sweden.

Caroline Berg, Board Chair of Axel Johnson and also Board Chair of The Global Village/Järvaveckan:

“Inclusion and the ability to build a cohesive society are among the defining issues of our time. Places where people and societal spheres can meet are becoming increasingly important, and Järvaveckan is precisely such a meeting place. Developing and harnessing human potential regardless of where it exists is a central issue for the business sector and Swedish society. As owners, we believe in companies as one of the most important forces for change in society. Therefore, it is natural for us to continue our commitment to the development of Järvaveckan in the coming years.”

Ahmed Abdirahman, CEO and Founder of Järvaveckan:

“Axel Johnson's long-term partnership enables us to continue developing Järvaveckan as Sweden's leading forum for inclusion and democracy. Their support shows that the business community can contribute to a more inclusive society, and we hope more companies follow their example and invest long-term in social change.”

In 2020, Axel Johnson started the business area Axelerate to accelerate diversity and inclusion efforts within the group’s companies. Today, Axelerate acts as a catalyst for positive change through collaboration with companies and civil society. Axelerate also includes the non-profit organization Yrkesdörren, which matches established and foreign-born Swedes to speed up the entry of foreign-born individuals into the Swedish labor market.

Nasim Khosravi, Head of Axelerate:

“During this year's Järvavecka, we have chosen to highlight some of our partners from civil society. We have a unique network of collaborations and a strong belief that we can create change by bringing different parties together to work. We will also organize a networking event where we, together with researcher Emma Stenström, gather leaders from civil society and the business sector. I look forward to the week and to meeting everyone on site.”

For more information, contact Nasim Khosravi, Head of Axelerate:

Axel Johnson at Järvaveckan 2024:

May 29: Yrkesdörren will be on site in the tent discussing integration, diversity, and inclusion in the labor market, and will organize a networking event in collaboration with the Ukrainian Professional Support Center, where representatives from the business sector will meet Ukrainians with similar professional experiences.

Axelerate will organize a “Bubble Hopping” networking event together with Emma Stenström from the Stockholm School of Economics to bring together leaders in business, civil society, and the public sector to explore new opportunities for collaboration.

May 30: The organization F1RST will be on site in the tent, inviting discussions on how various actors can collaborate to expose young talents to new career paths.

Klas Friberg (former Head of the Security Service) will give a lecture on the main stage from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM on how more people can engage in community development and prevent exclusion and violence.

May 31: The King’s Foundation for Young Leadership and the Scouts will be on site in the tent to meet young citizens and discuss topics such as leadership and the benefits of engaging in the scouting movement.

June 1: Svenska med Baby will be on site in the tent to create meetings for families with young children from different backgrounds. Mitt Livs Val will also be in the tent to share how they engage young citizens in their operations.