We have great confidence in our employees, at the same time as we expect a high level of responsibility from everyone we work with. At Group level, we offer employees leadership development programs and engage in various collaborative initiatives with universities.

Every year, through Axademin, we offer managers and top talents a number of seminars and training programs, including board training, financial training and an introduction for new managers. Axademin comprises three areas:

A unique leadership development course for the Group’s top talents, in which we work actively with the most important issues on our companies’ agendas. Axiom plays a key role in recruiting the right talent for creating and retaining diversity in our companies.

Through seminars we provide our managers with development opportunities in various areas, including board knowledge, digital knowledge and financial training. Our seminars are a key part of our efforts to develop sustainable and new business.

We discuss the most important global trends with our employees. We invite the most interesting people, internally and externally, from Sweden and abroad.

Read more about Axademin here.

Selection of vacancies

Process & Business Developer till Dustin

Dustin Sverige, Nacka Strand.
Apply by: 2019-04-21

Account Manager, LCP

Dustin Finland Oy, Espoo.
Apply by: 2019-04-21

KICKS Vaasa Espen ja GW Galleria etsivät kesätöihin sitoutuneita ja myyntitaitoisia meikkitaiteilijoita/kosmetologeja, 2 paikkaa

KICKS Finland, Vaasa.
Apply by: 2019-04-21