Axel Johnson cooperates with several organizations and companies. All cooperation derives from our vision to be a positive force for change in the communities of which we are part.

Axfoundation, which was established by Antonia Ax:son Johnson in 1993, works to promote a more environmentally and socially sustainable society. Axfoundation works with a broad view of sustainability, which also includes integration and diversity as well as sustainability for children and young people. Axfoundation initiates and operates many of its own projects, but also cooperates with other organizations and initiatives.

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Brilliant Minds
As of 2018, Axel Johnson is a partner of the Brilliant Minds technology and future conference. Brilliant Minds was first organized in 2015 with the aim of putting Sweden on the map in the fields of tech, innovation and culture. The initiators were Daniel Ek, founder and CEO of Spotify, and Arash Pournouri, music producer and founder of At Night Management. The partnership entails that Axel Johnson will support Brilliant Minds for five years and that Caroline Berg, Chairman of Axel Johnson, will be a member of the Board of Symposium, the company behind Brilliant Minds.

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Forum för levande historia (Living History Forum)/Natur & Kultur
In autumn 2018, Axel Johnson conducted a project together with Forum för levande historia, during which we donated Hédi Fried’s book “Questions I am asked about the Holocaust” to all ninth-grade classes in Sweden. In addition, all class teachers received a guide as support in working with the book. 100,000 books were donated to the schools for use by classes over several years.

Forum för Omställning (Future Work Forum)
Forum för Omställning (Future Work Forum) was founded in 2018 with the ambition to help strengthen Sweden’s prerequisites for meeting the changes associated with digitalization, automation and new business models. Axel Johnson is one of the companies that contributes to the dialogues and tangible proposals for a successful paradigm shift developed by the Forum.

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Nya Kompisbyrån
Nya Kompisbyrån is a non-profit organization that works for increased community in the society. Through Nya Kompisbyrån, new and established Swedes are linked together for language training and exchange of experience in simple meetings in everyday life. Axel Johnson has supported Nya Kompisbyrån since autumn of 2020.

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Stockholm School of Economics
Axel Johnson has been a partner company to the Stockholm School of Economics and its Center for Retailing (CFR) since 2010. At CFR, training and research are conducted in close cooperation with the Swedish retail sector. The center’s responsibilities include the School of Economics’ three-year bachelor’s program in retail management, in which Axel Johnson participates.

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Svenska med baby
Svenska med baby is a non-profit organization that creates meetings with the objective of breaking segregation and facilitating the establishment of foreign-born and newly arrived families with young children. Open meeting places offer access to parental support, language training and support for employment after parental leave. Axel Johnson has supported Svenska med baby since autumn of 2020.

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The Global Village (Järvaveckan/Järva Political Week)
Järvaveckan (Järva Political Week) is an initiative that was started in 2016 by Ahmed Abdirahman, founder of the non-profit organization The Global Village. Järvaveckan was created on the basis of a vision to reduce the gap between politics and citizens and to combat alienation in the suburbs. In 2018, Axel Johnson became the main partner of Järvaveckan.

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Yrkesdörren is a non-profit organization that matches foreign-born and established Swedes in the same industry to create connections that broaden networks. This is to facilitate and accelerate the establishment of foreign-born people in the labor market. Since autumn of 2020, Yrkesdörren has been part of Axel Johnson and the Axelerate focus area.

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