We don't believe in big head offices, we believe in strong Group companies

Our head office is located in Stockholm, Villagatan 6. Meet our staff:

Agnes Ramfelt

Axplore Trainee

Alexandra Wirén


Andreas Steffen

IT Manager

Anna Antell

CEO Assistant/Office manager

Anna Bärlund

Product Area Manager, AI Foundations

Anna Lundblad

Assistant to the Board Chair and owner family

Anna Urombi

Corporate partnership manager, Yrkesdörren

Anne Jönsson

Office services

Anne Krabbe Rosted

UX Designer & Researcher, Humla

Birger Rydback

Senior Engineer, Humla

Camilla Penttilä

Senior Project Manager

Camilla Tullberg Wengholm

Head of Business Development, Humla

Camilla Wideroth


Carl-Johan Hedström

Chief Product Officer, Humla

Caroline Berg

Board Chair

Charlotte Larsén

Business Controller

Claire Almer

Project manager matching and Product owner, Yrkesdörren

Daniel Victorin

Senior Product Designer, Humla

David Salsbäck

Executive Vice President Communications & Sustainability

Eliza Kücükaslan

Head of Axelerate

Emelie Lundin

Executive Assistant

Emelie Nylund


Emil Berg Eckerrot

CEO, Humla

Emilia Heed

Financial controller (Parental leave)

Emma Claesson

Executive Vice President People & Culture

Evy Jimenez


Fanny Nachemson

Fedor Pudeian

Senior Software Engineer, Humla

Frida Truvé

People Innovation & Transformation Manager

Hanna Jansson

Junior Controller

Helene Ekholm


Ilhan Strömgren

Lead Developer. Yrkesdörren

Jacob Wall

Executive Vice President Business development

Jeanette Selin

Facility and security manager

Jessica Frostne

Customer Success Specialist, Humla

Johan Bergström


Lars Holmér

Office services

Linn Ansved

Investment Manager, AxSol

Lovisa Jacobsson

Business developer

Ludvig Strand

Analytics Translator

Maria Mellander

Project manager People & Culture

Mia Brunell Livfors

President and CEO

Monica Gustafsson

Salary manager

Nicholas Thurow

Business Controller, AxSol

Robert Andrésen

Tax & Group Accounting Specialist

Sara Öhrvall


Sofie Borg

Axplore Trainee

Yoel Tecle

Communications manager, Yrkesdörren