In late 2017, Axel Johnson launched Axinsight, a Group-wide collaboration for data-driven business development. The project aims to strengthen the companies’ ability to utilize data to create more customer and business value. Axfood, Dustin, KICKS, Martin & Servera and Åhléns are participating in the project.

Customers are becoming more digital and they have high demands in terms of service, convenience and relevance. To meet these demands, companies must become more data-driven. The entire supply chain is full of potential, from customer interaction, staffing and internal processes to warehousing, transportation and purchasing. Axel Johnson has the prerequisites to become a leader in data-driven business development. Our vast and extensive operations, and our one million customer interactions every day, give us a major advantage: we have a lot of good data. There is potential throughout the whole value chain; from customer meetings to internal processes, warehousing, transportation and purchasing.

We work quickly and within set limits. In one experiment, we took approximately 600 million data points from one of the companies. We then conducted an experiment with 30,000 customers in which we put the data-driven recommendation against their normal option. And it turned out that the data-driven alternative increased value by approximately 20 percent.

Our Group companies

Axel Johnson International is an industrial group that acquires and develops companies in strategic niche markets. >
Axfood is a leading group in the grocery industry in Sweden. >
Dustin is a leading online IT partner with operations in the Nordic and Benelux regions. >
Åhléns is Sweden’s leading department store chain with beauty, home and fashion products under one roof. >
Novax is Axel Johnson´s investment company, that invests in small and medium-sized growth companies. >
KICKS is the leading beauty chain in Scandinavia and offers a holistic concept in makeup, fragrances, skin care and hair >
Martin & Servera is Sweden's leading restaurant and food service specialist. >
Since 2010 solar has grown faster than any other type of energy. >