ideas were presented by Axel Johnson’s employees in Axlab 2018!

Axlab is an innovation platform for all the Group’s employees.

Axel Johnson is one of the leading trade and service companies in the Nordics, constantly motivated to move forward by the drive to want, dare and renew. In 2015, we introduced Axlab as a system to capture all the good ideas of our employees.

Axlab is a place for renewal in the form of an innovation platform open 48 hours for all employees. Axlab was initiated by Axel Johnson and the respective CEOs of the Group companies.

The purpose of Axlab is to promote ideas that create future value for our customers. We want to increase our renewal speed and competitiveness with the help of our dedicated employees. They know the business best, and through Axlab everyone can influence how Axel Johnson will develop in the future.

Watch the film from the “Dragons’ Den” in Axlab 2018:

Mia Brunell Livfors, CEO, Axel Johnson

Why was Axlab developed?
Companies need to constantly change so they remain relevant to customers. With Axlab, we aim to increase our capacity for renewal and competitiveness with the help of our committed employees. I hope everyone will take this opportunity to contribute towards and influence the future of our Group.

What invention would you like to have made?
It’s something that hasn’t been invented yet. I wish I could invent something that would allow us to teleport.


Pia Anderberg, Executive Vice President, HR and innovation, Axel Johnson

How did the idea behind Axlab emerge?
The gap between management and other employees can often seem large in major corporations. Axel Johnson was no exception. We wanted to create a fast track where all the employees who meet on a daily basis with our customers could come into contact with our top management to present their thoughts and ideas. We also wanted to send a strong signal that we are loyal to our values – that we dare to test out new ideas and place trust in our employees.

What invention would you like to have made?
I wish I could invent something that made people start listening more to each other. In general, we are all too good at talking and not good enough at listening. I believe that many of the unfortunate events taking place worldwide could be avoided if we listened more.