Axel Johnson believes that companies are the biggest force for change in society. With trade as a base the Group has changed shape and form many times through the years. On the other hand, the will and the driving force to change, combined with building and developing sustainable businesses with a long-term approach, have remained intact.

Axel Johnson began as a trading business – and remains so today – but over the years the Group’s profile has evolved. When Antonia Ax:son Johnson took over in the 1980s, focus shifted to consumer commerce but with its technological trading arm still in place. We understand the importance of innovation for success. That is why we have the following goal:

“In ten years, at least 50 percent of Axel Johnson’s revenue will derive from activities that currently do not form part of our business.”

Our view on innovation is three-fold

Innovation occurs every day – in our businesses, by our employees and when we decide that we want to do a that little bit better. And then there is business development that occurs in and around our companies, for example, when we introduce new brands or product categories or venture into new markets. This is how our companies grow organically, which we supplement through acquisitions of new businesses.

Although most changes take place on a daily basis through improvements made close to operations, this innovation goal embraces business development in and around the companies and acquisitions.