When the results of this year’s edition of Axlab was recently presented, the winning idea was named Prisninja, presented by Valentin Romanov from Axfood.

Axlab is a 48-hour innovation platform for all 20,000 employees within the Axel Johnson Group. Axlab was first introduced in 2015 with the aim of increasing the pace and strength of business development with the help of our dedicated employees. Axlab’s initiator is Axel Johnson, supported by the CEO of each group company.

470 ideas were submitted to this year’s Axlab. Out of these, a group of experts from our companies selected 32 ideas with the highest potential to lead to future customer value. These ideas were then reviewed by Axel Johnson’s Group Management, who elected the following ideas to be presented to Axel Johnson’s Dragon Den on April 9 and at Axel Johnson’s Annual Meeting on April 12:

“A low cost alternative for the beauty customer” for Axel Johnson by Cathrine Wigzell & Emma Klintbo Klingspor
“Prisninja – Price Comparison Tool that Strengthens Our Competitiveness” for Axfood by Valentin Romanov
“AI for Passage Systems” for RCO by Hirad Asadi
“A delightful and more sustainable closet with Å-Rentals and Å-Pre-loved” for Åhléns by Pattie Suwan
“Drop cash queues – pay directly to the seller on the floor via swish” for Åhléns by Emelie Carlsson
“Restaurant-in-a-box” for Martin & Servera by Michel Lindahl, Johan Granlund and Pernilla Almgren

Axel Johnson’s Dragon’s Den consisted of:
Antonia Ax: son Johnson, owner Axel Johnson
Caroline Berg, Chairman of the Board, Axel Johnson
Mia Brunell Livfors, President and CEO, Axel Johnson
Pia Anderberg, Executive VP HR and Innovation, Axel Johnson
Jacob Wall, Executive VP Business Development, Axel Johnson
Kerem Yazgan, Executive VP Communications and Sustainability, Axel Johnson
Camilla Wideroth, CFO, Axel Johnson
Martin Malmvik, President and CEO, Axel Johnson International
Klas Balkow, President and CEO, Axfood
Thomas Ekman, President and CEO, Dustin
Håkan Åkerström, President and CEO, Martin & Servera
Eric Persson, CEO, Novax
Gustaf Öhrn, CEO, Åhléns

After presenting before the Dragon’s Den, all finalists got to present their ideas at Axel Johnson’s Annual Meeting, consisting of 200 of the Group’s managers.

Out of the six finalist, the price comparison tool Prisninja was named the winner. The idea was presented by Valentin Romanov, System Manager for Axfood’s e-commerce.

Read more about Axlab here.