Axelerate Leadership Program is Axel Johnson’s leadership program for people with a foreign background. Within the framework of the program, Axel Johnson initiated a collaboration with Jobbsprånget / IVA to accelerate the introduction to the Swedish labour market for academics with a foreign background. Jobbsprånget is a national internship program offering four months of internship to newly arrived graduates – engineers, economists, architects and system scientists.

Several Axel Johnson companies will recruit interns for this four-month internship through Jobbsprånget.

The collaboration means that Axel Johnson adds a leadership program for Jobbsprånget participants on top of the internship.  The content of the program will be leadership, information about the Axel Johnson group, Swedish labor law, Swedish work culture, etc. This will enhance the opportunities for successful internship and an expanded Swedish network for the participants.

Recruitment to the internship program is open December 16 to January 16, 2019, and the program will start in February / March 2019.

Learn more more about Jobbsprånget here.