We believe that business is one of the main forces of societal change. Diversity and inclusion have long been a priority area for Axel Johnson. Our driving force is that we want to have managers and employees who reflect our customers and society at large. That makes us a more successful company, we understand our customers better and recruit from the entire talent pool. We also want to contribute to increased inclusion in society.



In 2014 we set goals for diversity and inclusion at Axel Johnson. 2021 we are setting the bar higher with new goals for Axel Johnson’s managers and employees. We want to become a leader in diversity and inclusion.




The data shows the results for Sweden. We measure the Group’s diversity through anonymized and aggregated data sets from Statistics Sweden. Our definition of international background is the same as Statistics Sweden’s definition of foreign background, which comprises individuals either born abroad or having both parents born abroad.

We track our development annually and our companies undertake several activities to reach the goals.


Together with our companies we pursue diversity and inclusion efforts that ensure we make use of all competence and that everyone feels included regardless of background. Our ambition is to become a leader in diversity and inclusion.

Axelerate supports our companies work within diversity and inclusion through Group activities, training and knowledge building efforts for employees and managers; development of research-based methods and tools for inclusive recruitment, promotion and inclusive workplaces; and KPIs and goals leading towards the desired change. Axelerate focuses on gearing up the efforts of our companies within five focus areas.

1. Inclusive recruitment and promotion
Ensure that recruitment and promotion processes are competence based without unconscious bias.

2. Inclusive workplace
Efforts to support leaders and employees become inclusive in practice as well as efforts to track employees sense of belonging and experiences of discrimination at work.

3. Social engagement
Partnerships and new initiatives to decrease exclusion in society.

4. Marketing communication
Ensure diversity and inclusion in marketing and communication.

5. Product and service development
Promote innovation and development of our variety and offerings towards new potential customer groups.



We have several important partnerships that aim to drive positive change in society. We have 1,700 employees from Samhall within the group. We are shareholders of Mitt Liv, a social company specialized in diversity and inclusion managing mentoring programs for foreign-born academics. We are also the main partner to the foundation The Global Village, the organizers of Järvaveckan, an important meeting place for inclusion.

Our portal ÖppnaDörren is an umbrella for non-profit integration initiatives supported by Axel Johnson, which facilitate meetings for social inclusion. ÖppnaDörren and Yrkesdörren are founded by Axfoundation and today operate within Axelerate.

Yrkesdörren – enables meetings between established and new Swedes to broaden professional networks. Yrkesdörren is operated by Axel Johnson.
Nya Kompisbyrån – links together established and new Swedes over a coffee or a dinner. Nya Kompisbyrån is an independent non-profit organization supported by Axel Johnson.
Svenska med baby – brings together and offers activities to parents and their children. Svenska med baby is an independent non-profit organization supported by Axel Johnson.